Solutions - ETM (Electronic Ticketing Machine)

  • RFID Passes

  • Blue tooth


  • GPS
The transport corporations using RFID cards to issue Daily passes to the passengers. The passengers can flash the card and our terminal enabled with RFID reader can validate and authenticate based on Validity period, number of Up & Down trips per day. Few other transport corporations using the RFID card as a token. The passenger while boarding bus requesting the conductor to issue ticket for down trip. The conductor issue the RFID token which has certain validity period. The passenger need to return the RFID card to the conductor on his down trip. The conductor validate the card using our terminal. In this scheme the passenger get ticket with discounted rate and transport corporation get more revenue by ensuring that the passenger taking the down trip on the same transport corporation bus. By this implementation of RFID token system both the passenger and transport corporation are benefited.
QuantumAeon terminal with built-in Bluetooth interface can communicate and transfer the transaction details (tickets and passed issued) to the vehicle mounted Unit (VMU) installed in the bus. The VMU is enabled with GSM/GPRS connectivity which can instantly transmit the data to the back end server located in the bus depot. The transport corporation can monitor transaction details (business intelligence data) which can enable them to initiate timely action for better utilization of resources like change of routes and manpower optimization etc.
QuantumAeon Terminal with built-in GSM/GPRS connectivity can provide live information w.r.t to transaction details like ticket issuance, fuel payments, parking fee etc. to the backend server.
QuantumAeon terminal with built-in GPS interface can provide track and trace option to transport corporations. In the backend system the data provided by the terminal indicate BUS movement. Also in the terminal, the GPS information dynamically update stage details and the conductor need not manually update the stage to issue ticket. This prevent the misuse of issuing the wrong stage ticket.
Electronic Ticketing Machine

In the conventional method, a conductor carry hefty 1.5-kg ticket racks stuffed with pre-printed tickets, but in the case of ETM which weighs less than 650gms and capable of printing ticket on the fly.

In ETM, the conductor need to key in details about the number of passengers, ticket types and destination point. ETM would print ticket with tariff information like boarding & destination point details along with date and time.

ETMs are battery powered, integrated with printer and easily portable. The ETMs can print 2,000 tickets, including the journey report and this would facilitate vigilance by the corporation's checking inspectors. The ticket details which are captured in the ETM is uploaded to the computer at the end of day for account settlement and reconciliation.

ETMs provide adequate business intelligence data to the BUS transport corporation, particularly with regard to Passenger load, Peak traffic, and daily collection trip wise. ETM enable the conductor to save lot time during end of day settlement because all details related to trip sheet with stage wise details, tickets, passes, payment collected and expenses incurred are readily available with the press of the button.

ETM immensely help the BUS transport corporation to prepare and organize schedules more efficiently on the basis of traffic demand based on the data collection and analysis which eventually increases their revenues.

Ticket Types
  • Private Reservation
  • Adult


  • Tourist Destination
  • Payment & Collection
  • Concessional
  • Toll Gate


  • Child


  • Luggage
Bus Types
  • Ordinary Bus
  • Deluxe
  • Express
  • Semi-Sleeper
  • AC Bus
  • Luxury
  • Ultra Deluxe
Pass Types
  • Student
  • Handicap
  • Freedom fighters
  • Sportsman
  • Cancer patient
  • Journalist
  • Senior Citizen
Payments Type
  • Toll Gate
  • Bus stand
  • Parking
  • Fuel & Lubricant
Ticketing - MIS reports
    End of Day Report
  • Bus wise
  • Collection Report
  • Current status report
    Trip Details
  • Particular Route details
  • Earning Per Kilo meter (EPKM)
  • Kilo meter per Litre (KMPL)
    Ticket Details
  • Stage Wise
  • Ticket Type wise
  • Various Pass reports